It’s not the snorer who needs hypnotherapy – it’s the disgruntled bed partner!

Written by Mark Smith


A client recently came to see me about his wife’s snoring, that was keeping him awake at night.
It was so bad, they were in separate bedrooms and he was worried about his impending holiday – in a camper van with nowhere to escape to! His wife on the other hand, slept happily and peacefully.

As she was quite happy, I explained to him that it was him who needed the hypnosis, because it was him who was getting into bed, agitated, waiting for the snoring to start.
He was on high alert, wanting to get to sleep first, feeling annoyed that he would be woken up by it and stressed that he wouldn’t get a good night’s sleep…again. None of which are conducive to falling into a peaceful slumber.

He was telling himself, subconsciously that it was going to be a disaster – what happened last time would happen again and he’d have another disturbed night or be in the spare room.

Hypnosis was what he needed, to switch off this alert state and reframe the snoring as a trigger for him to fall asleep rather than a barrier.
He agreed to this and we undertook the first session. The following day, he went off on his holiday, in the campervan, with his snorer wife!

A few weeks later, I received a phone call from his wife who said: “I don’t know what you did but he’s sleeping like a baby and we’re back in the same bed together! By the way, you couldn’t regress me to find my keys?!”
She found them without my help but we did get rid of a spider phobia instead for her.

And so, by switching off his inner alarm and refocusing his mind, the problem that once caused him so much anxiety and fear, was gone.